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poetry of stitch - 1 - second exercise

 it's very unlike me to get on with my homework so promptly and i won't be putting this down to any new resolutions - i was simply inthe right mood for the next stage - filling the curve with straight lines of stitch to explore the character of the different stitches  this has been an exercise in more than changinging the character of the line for me - it's also been good for my personal discipline in compliance and neat stitching - sticking to instructions is not something i am known for and my usual style of stitching is rarely neat and regular - so these straight lines have been a challenge....but a very enjoyable one it has reminded me that neatness and precision are easier when stitching in a frame - while stitching i was noticing the way the lines built up and gave each shape a different tone/density - also  three of my choices gave a single line of thread, but it was interesting to see how stitch variations can make the lines appear to be of diffferent thickness  aga

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